Cube Van Ramps

  • The Cube Van Ramp is designed to open and close with one operator.

  • This ramp will hold over two tons!

  • Drive path is a width of six feet..

  • Unique design allows center leg to evenly distribute weight over three separate points, reducing stress on your cube van by up to 50% during the loading process.

  • Installs quickly! Light drilling and some truck modifications may be required.

  • Self leveling feature allows loading in any terrain.

  • Center leg adjusts up or down to give a wide range of angles for maximum clearance.

  • Internal torsion springs located in center hinge and a spring lift system allows easy one person opening and closing.

  • Paint includes special non-slip coating for better traction in any weather.


  • MODELS: Fits most cube vans.

  • WEIGHT: 650 lbs.

  • CAPACITY: 2000 - 4000 lbs. Depending on model

  • PAINT: One coat rust inhibiting primer. Two coats hardened black nonskid

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